How condition-based maintenance reduces lift truck downtime

For decades we have learned about the importance of scheduled service intervals, to keep vehicles rolling, avoid unwanted downtime and prolong life span. In fact, this has been equally true whether we have been talking about our private cars or lift trucks. Service based on set time intervals or operating hours has long been the industry standard. Until now. Welcome to our walk through of condition-based maintenance and see how it can reduce lift truck downtime.

Service your lift trucks only when needed
Professional maintenance is important, especially in demanding environments like the steel-, aluminium- and mining industries. Lift trucks operating in these environments are constantly affected by the often very harsh conditions, which put stress on the vehicles and their wear parts, and might accelerate the need for service.

But instead of performing routine maintenance according to fixed-schedule intervals, you now have the option to perform it only when needed. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not if you are using Konecranes TRUCONNECT Remote Services. Smart Connected Lift Trucks let you track the condition of your fleet, to get essential insights for immediate action and to optimize productivity.


How does condition-based maintenance work?
Smart Connected Lift Trucks constantly register measurement data, like hydraulic oil condition, tire pressure and other. Your data is then checked against pre-set thresholds, to give an accurate status report for each vehicle. With this information you can now make advanced forecasts on what maintenance work and spare parts your lift trucks will need.

So instead of servicing lift trucks at scheduled intervals when actions are maybe not needed yet, you can await the exact right time and act on actual equipment conditions. Condition-based maintenance helps you to plan your on-site maintenance, including the need for technicians, workshop space and relative budgets costs, while always having the necessary parts ready in advance to minimize downtime. For high-value industries like steel, aluminium and mining this is good news, since downtime is costly.  


Optimized and streamlined operations
Condition-based maintenance lets you benefit from on-time service intervals, as service is always based on your lift trucks’ actual condition. Service is no longer just routinely scheduled or a “best guess”, it’s a timely measure to take care of your vehicles, when needed.

Talk to us at Konecranes if you are interested in condition-based maintenance, to reduce lift truck downtime and lower your operational costs. With TRUCONNECT, your lift truck fleet will not only be more connected, it will be optimized to fit your operational needs. After all, our lift trucks are built for your world.

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