Plug in your electric forklifts and enjoy lower operating costs

Big changes always cause disruption. The global trend toward more sustainable business models is unquestionably disruptive. Times are changing fast, with continual demand for new knowledge and new thinking. You need to take this into account to make the right purchasing decisions, and resist the desire to always go for the option that seems to be the easiest. Sustainability is a long-term investment. So, even if the initial price might be higher, an electric forklift is actually the cheapest and soundest alternative when you consider all the costs involved.

Lower operating costs
Yes, an electric forklift will cost you more than a diesel forklift – at first. But after around five years, your total operating expenses for a diesel forklift can easily be more than your original purchase price. Yet the same expenses for an electric forklift would still be only a small proportion of your initial capital investment. How is this possible? For an electric forklift, energy is cheaper and operating costs are lower. For example:

  • Less downtime
    Having equipment out of production comes at a price. And the more servicing is required, the longer it is unproductive. Electric forklifts have a less complex driveline than forklifts based on internal combustion engines, and therefore need less service.
  • Less working hours
    Having dedicated staff taking care of maintenance is costly. With a reduced need for servicing, both the working hours needed to take care of an electric forklift, and the costs of that care, are significantly less.
  • Less spare parts
    An internal combustion engine is more complex and has more parts subject to wear. These parts may at some stage need to be repaired or replaced. Oils and filters also need to be replaced regularly. On an electric forklift, there are no engine oils or filters that need to be replaced and fewer parts to service.



Find out more about how to reduce operating costs
At Konecranes Lift Trucks, we’ve studied the time and costs involved in maintenance and compared the electric forklift with the diesel forklift. The results speak for themselves. The simpler design of the electric forklift means that there’s 20-30% less maintenance needed. In terms of money, that means that the electric forklift reduces the overall cost of service by more than half, because of its less complex driveline.

We invite you to read the white paper from Konecranes Lift Trucks, in which we explain in some detail why you should choose an electric forklift with a lithium-ion battery to reduce your operating costs.

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Be part of the electric future
Would you like to learn more about how your company can improve its work environment with Konecranes Lift Trucks? We invite you to read more here and learn how to power your business with electric forklifts.


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