Upgrade your forklift safety with Lifetime Advantage

Forklifts are indispensable in many industries, streamlining workflows and moving  heavy goods quickly. The fact that they carry heavy goods is a good reason to emphasize the importance of safety. Both factory and operations managers have a great responsibility to protect the health and well-being of forklift operators and their colleagues while at work. This is why Konecranes offers a number of safety upgrades to match the needs of any workplace that operates forklifts. We call it Lifetime Advantage.


Hazards around forklift operations
Your forklift operators are the first key to workplace safety around forklifts. That’s why your new operators and your more experienced drivers both need to know the safety rules and procedures at your worksite. Ideally, they understand everything from the need for daily inspections of the forklifts to the importance of respecting load weights, driving zones and speed limits. Responsible operators act in a way that minimizes safety hazards around forklifts.  

Yet no matter how careful an operator is, the unexpected could happen. People on foot who should not be in the area might get in the way, visibility could be temporarily impaired by an obstruction, or stress might reduce the attention of the operator. Innovative safety technology can help to minimize these kinds of risks.

Lifetime Advantage safety upgrades
As your business has developed and regulations have changed, the safety requirements at your worksite might be different to what they were when you purchased your forklifts. Lifetime Advantage is an upgrade path to safety and productivity improvements, intended to meet your present and future needs. The full list of available safety upgrades is long, but here are a few examples:

  • Reverse camera and warning system
    A reverse camera kit puts “eyes in the back of the head” of your drivers as it reduces rear blind spots. When visibility is low, a reverse warning system uses visual and acoustic alarms to alert the driver to nearby people or objects.
  • Roof LED bar
    A roof LED bar mounted on top of the forklift cabin both improves the forward vision of the driver, and highlights the location of the forklift to people in the surrounding area.
  • Alcolock
    An onboard alcolock analyses the breath of the driver to prevent an impaired
    driver from operating the forklift.

Workplace safety is a top priority. It is important to protect employees working in industrial environments that contain potential hazards. When risks are minimized, drivers can operate with more confidence, and confident drivers tend to be more productive. 

Visit the dedicated Konecranes Lift Trucks web pages for a complete list of our Lifetime Advantage safety upgrades.

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