ISO certified lift truck manufacturer keeps your data secure

Smart Connected Lift Trucks take your operations to the next level. Not only can you review your day-to-day asset utilization to optimize operations, you can also perform and report daily checks, create geofences to restrict lift truck operations to defined areas and set up fleet-wide lift truck KPIs. With Smart Connected Lift Trucks you can at any time centrally review the collected statistics, with the overall goal to streamline your business. And of course, you would want all this collected data to stay safe, for your eyes only. Here is where data security comes in.

Keep your data secure from hackers
You have heard it. Hackers from the dark side of the internet constantly search for vulnerabilities in commercial data infrastructures. Their goals and methods vary, but a common scenario is that they perform a hacking attack to gain access and then lock up company data, preventing the data from being accessed by its legitimate owner. To regain access to the data the company has to pay a ransom. Sometimes the hackers threaten to publish the hacked data on the internet, and again the company has to pay a ransom to avoid this.

As data has become a valuable asset, many companies are at risk for hacking attacks due to their data security. In clear words, many times data infrastructure security is not on par with the hacker’s skills, and companies risk losing either business critical information or money if attacked.

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ISO certification ensure compliance and security
One step forward to increase information security is that all digital services that your company uses meet critical safety standards. Here, certification is what keeps your business safe. Aligning you with other companies with high safety standards and certified processes is a way to prohibit data breakages and increase security.

Konecranes has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security management. The ISO certificate demonstrates a commitment to proactively manage the information security of Konecranes’ digital services and ensure compliance with legal and customer requirements. For you as a user of Smart Connected Lift Trucks means that all data the vehicles send and receive stay secure at all times, whether it is remote monitoring data to enable predictive maintenance or service spend information shared on our customer portal.

  • The more digital all industries become, the more important it is to have partners who not only say they take data security seriously, but can prove it. We know that certification is important for our customers in many industries, but especially in Ports, Power and Automotive, where security is a critical requirement when choosing a supplier, says Heikki Rekola, Vice President, Service Technology and Product Development at Konecranes.

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Get connected and stay safe
Using a certified partner like Konecranes Lift Trucks is a way to ensure that you get both the advantages of Smart Connected Lift Trucks, and maintain information security. Using digital services like TRUCONNECT lets you streamline your operations, and our ISO certification lets you rest assured that your data are secured. For more information about information security, please download the Konecranes Cyber Security whitepaper.




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