Daily inspections with CheckApp keeps your forklifts safe

It’s important to inspect your forklifts every day to keep your operations safe. This will also help you to identify any potential technical issues early. Inspections should be conducted on a daily basis, or before each shift if your operations run continuously. Traditionally, daily inspections have followed a checklist of items, by which the operator looks over the machine and ticks a box on a form, item by item. But now, these inspections can be more efficient, thanks to Konecranes’ new CheckApp for smartphones.

Problems with paper-based checklists
Daily inspections should be performed by trained forklift operators, familiar with the vehicles in question. Forklifts can be very different to each other, so it’s important that the inspection routines are adapted to each type and model. And with the recent addition of electric forklifts, there is a wider range of models available than ever before. However, there are some common things to check on every forklift: tires, forks, oil levels, brakes, steering, if there are any leaks, and so on - all vital parts of the vehicle’s functionality that are necessary for safe operations.

The main problem with a traditional checklist is that it’s paper based. Paper checklists sometimes disappear or get mixed up. Sometimes operators forget to turn their paper checklist in or the list gets filed incorrectly. There might also be a long time delay before the inspection data on paper reaches the right people, such as administrative staff creating timetables or technicians who need to perform minor repairs. These are the shortcomings of an analogue system, and pose a safety risk.



Smarter daily inspections
Moving the inspection procedure into an app on a smartphone takes quality to the next level. Not only is data collection more precise and accurate, people can take action on it immediately. This is a major safety improvement.

Here are just some of the ways you will benefit from daily inspections in CheckApp:

  • Always find the right checklist, saving time on document searches; 
  • Every forklift model has its own tailored checklist for precise and accurate data collection;
  • Each inspection is a simple procedure of just a few clicks:
  • The operator can add comments, photos and voice recordings to the checklist;
  • Reports delivered in real time to online customer portal;
  • Act when needed - now or later.

Easy overview of collected information
CheckApp simplifies the daily inspections of your forklifts with an easy-to-use  procedure and precise data collection. All information goes to the customer portal yourKONECRANES.com, where you get an overview of every forklift in your entire fleet. Here you can see the inspection reports on all of them, so you can decide what to do to keep your forklifts in good working condition. CheckApp improves safety, increases uptime and extends the lifetime of your forklifts.

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Be part of the electric future
Would you like to learn more about how your company can improve its work environment with Konecranes Lift Trucks? We invite you to read more here and learn how to power your business with electric forklifts.


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