Lift trucks that can beat the heat

Lift trucks are made for heavy-duty operation. But if conditions are extreme, even the toughest equipment needs extra protection. Intense heat is a normal part of the metals industry, because of the high temperatures required to process and shape metal products. With potential exposure to several hundred degrees Celsius, both equipment and personnel need to be safeguarded. There is a range of lift truck options that can protect people and technology, while minimizing the risk of downtime.

Extreme heat in the metals industry
Let’s use aluminum as an example. During the production of aluminum, the metal is heated to 500 degrees Celsius. After taking it out of the rolling mill, it can still be as hot as 350 degrees. In close proximity to these extreme temperatures, serious protection is needed.

An additional heat shield is an excellent lift truck safety option that protects from extreme heat. The shield is made from tempered glass 5 millimeters thick, and prevent a large part of the radiant heat from reaching the cabin. This makes it easier for the air conditioning to keep the temperature down inside the cabin, maintaining a secure and more comfortable work environment.


Options for hot environments
Equipping your lift trucks for extreme conditions and high temperatures is necessary to safeguard the well-being of your personnel and the durability of your equipment. With less external heat entering the cabin, your drivers are safer and more comfortable. You can also expect your lift truck to last longer and cost less in maintenance over its lifetime, as the need to change parts, such as air condition components, decreases.

Besides the extra heat shield, lift trucks can also be equipped with options like heat-protecting front wheel flaps and fireproof or heat resistant hydraulic hoses, if hydraulic failure is a risk due to high ambient temperatures. Finally, metals industry lift trucks can also be fitted with automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Heat protection makes your lift trucks better prepared for operation in extreme temperatures.

Easy heat protection retrofits
The extra heat shield belongs to a range of options that are easy to retrofit on your Konecranes lift trucks, to protect your drivers and maximize the number of hours the trucks can operate in hot environments.

To find out more about heat protection for lift trucks in the metals industry, contact us at Konecranes Lift Trucks.

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