Overhead safety attachments for lift trucks in demanding environments

Lift trucks operate in all kinds of demanding environments, such as those found in the steel and aluminum industries. Industrial areas are full of potential risks that need to be taken into account, like extreme heat or falling objects. The lift truck cabin is designed for safety, but it can also be upgraded with a range of cabin protection attachments to improve the safety of drivers and operators even more. These attachments, which could be described as overhead guards, are compliant with ISO 6055.

Cabin protection enhances safety in metal processing industries
Intended to provide a safer work environment, cabin protection shields the operator from hard-to-see obstructions and falling objects. Lift trucks frequently operate in busy areas in which accidents can easily occur. If solid metal items fall onto the truck because they are bumped or dropped, when they hit an unprotected cabin, the result can be very serious.

Cabin protection can literally be a life saver, and is a small price to pay for better safety.

Attachments for cabin protection
There are a wide range of attachments available for cabin protection. Starting with the front and roof windshields, grids can protect the driver if a falling object hits the cabin and breaks the glass. Front and roof windshield grids can be used in combination, or separately, depending on individual requirements. A condenser grid and lightbar protection are also available, as well as a load support that keeps the load in place on the forks.

Corner reinforcers can be added to both the left and right corners. This takes the form of vertical metal bars that protect the cabin if it is hit from the side by a protruding object or similar obstruction.

An anti-collapse grid can be mounted on the mast of a forklift. It is very sturdy and able to deflect any falling objects before they make contact with the outside surface of the cabin, reducing risk to the driver still further. By protecting the cabin in general, it also reduces the risk of longer downtime caused by, for example, a broken windshield.


Easy mounting

All of the cabin protection safety attachments mentioned here can be easily mounted on Konecranes lift trucks. To learn more about how our cabin protection attachments can meet your needs, and the work we do to ensure the safe operation of our products, you are most welcome to contact us.


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