When the going gets tough, these heavy-duty lift trucks keep going

Some applications are more demanding than others. Among the toughest environments when it comes to lift trucks are the mining- and metal industries, including steel and aluminium. Here the equipment is really put to test by extreme heat and also dust, dirt and debris. Not all lift trucks are capable of coping with the requirements from these industries, which can result in machine failure and unwanted downtime. To avoid this you need to carefully evaluate which lift trucks are up for the task.

Lift trucks for mining and metal
So, you operate in the mining or metal industry. We know that you have a business where every production hour is valuable. Downtime is not an alternative, since the costs related to production loss are very high. Every piece of equipment that contributes to maintained uptime and production efficiency, in combination with low maintenance costs, is therefore of greatest interest. And here, tailormade heavy-duty lift trucks make all the difference compared with less competent alternatives.

Building lift trucks for clean and tidy environments is one thing. Building lift trucks for demanding environments is something completely different. Manufacturing lift trucks for the mining and metal industry means using the best and toughest parts, all put together in a robust solution. And when necessary, complemented with suitable extra options and attachments to meet the special demands.


Beat the heat
As an example. At an aluminium rolling mill the aluminium is heated to 500 degrees Celsius. When it’s time for the lift truck operator to pick up the load, it can still be as hot as 350 degrees. Working in close proximity to these temperatures caters for serious protection measures to be taken, to safeguard the health of people. Here, a heat screen for hot metal applications provides protection to driver, for a secure working environment. In addition, fire-proof hoses, and a semi-automatic fire extinguishing system that uses a water-based formula to smother fire inside the cab.

To protect the lift truck from extreme heat, it can be equipped with accessories like heat protection front wheel flaps and heat protection on hydraulic hoses. With these optional options your lift trucks are better prepared for operations in hot environments.

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Going deep on extra features
Huge is a word that well describes the equipment used in many mines. Like the mammoth mining dump trucks used to transport several hundred tons on each load. Just the tires of these dump trucks can be 5 meters diameter, or more. Heavy-duty lift trucks are used when servicing the dump trucks, carrying the heavy tires during wheel shift. In a rough mining environment dust and dirt permeate everything, and can damage lift truck hydraulics, electronics etc, if not carefully protected.

In the dusty mining environment, air vents placed at a high position and with effective air filters provides a safe cabin working environment. If the mine is also situated in a cold environment, the lift truck can be upgraded with features like engine- and transmission heater, pre-heater for hydraulic oil and electric seat heater for better operator comfort.


Konecranes goes for the heavy weight champ title
Konecranes lift trucks are from the ground and up designed to take a beating or two. By that we mean that they provide excellent functionality also in rough environments, to give you hassle-free operations without unplanned downtime. And, depending on the application, Konecranes lift trucks can be tailormade to meet any need, no matter how tough the requirements may be.  

For tough and rough environments, there is a Konecranes lift truck to meet your needs. Effectiveness, reliability and great uptime interact to lower your operating costs. After all, our lift trucks are built for your world.





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