Lift trucks tough as steel

Human civilizations have been making steel for almost 4,000 years due its strength and versatility. In modern times, it's used in such a wide range of applications that every steel manufacturing site is unique, with its own processes and challenges. On top of that, steel production takes place in demanding environments, where dust, dirt, debris and extreme heat push manufacturing equipment to its limits.

What are your needs? How often do you experience lift truck downtime? Choosing lift trucks for the steel industry is a delicate task, as they need to be just as tough as the steel they carry.

Minimize downtime with durable lift trucks
High production costs means that downtime must be minimized. Steelworks frequently operate 24/7, and their lift trucks can easily log 5,000 operating hours or more per year. Even in the best factory conditions, this takes its toll on long-term performance.

To ensure continuously high levels of productivity, lift truck specifications often need to go beyond standard. A high-quality lift truck with extra options or custom-made adaptations makes it ready to handle any of the demands of a steel manufacturing plant. But it isn’t only the lift trucks that matter - protecting your people and providing a safe work environment are just as important. Drivers in good health are also needed to maximize both efficiency and productivity.


Attachments for heavy lifting
So, what can you do to get lift trucks ready for the demanding environment of steel production? First, go through your specific needs. Considering all your different requirements helps to identify your core needs, which makes your decisions easier.

  • Do you handle heavy loads, such as steel and wire coils, slabs or blooms? A reinforced mast, carriage and forks will help you to increase the uptime and lifetime of your equipment.
  • Do you need your lift trucks to handle different kinds of loads? Specially designed forks offer flexibility, allowing forklifts to carry both standard pallets and specialized goods.
    Does the driver need heat protection? An extra heat shield keeps the driver safe from extreme heat, and appropriate ventilation in the cabin gives a more comfortable working environment.
Are there other hazards in the operating area? Metal grids can protect the roof and windshields from debris and falling objects.

Konecranes can customize the equipment to meet your exact needs.

Customizing your lift trucks
Our customers often find what they need from our catalog of extra attachments and options. But if you need to go further, Konecranes has a long history of customizing lift trucks to specific requirements. This way, we can improve the productivity and safety in your particular facility, no matter what your circumstances may be. We understand that for customers in the steel industry, keeping downtime to a minimum means you need lift trucks as tough as steel.

These are a Konecranes specialty! Take a look at our attachment list here.

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