Offer your co-workers improved work environment with electric forklifts.

The people working in your company are its most valuable assets. Offering them a safe and comfortable working environment is a long-term investment in both their health and the productivity of their business. Now that technology has made cleaner and safer electrification possible, it’s time to look at electric forklifts with lithium-ion batteries. Not only do they offer an effective and sustainable alternative to diesel forklifts, drivers often prefer them because of their clean, silent and vibration-free operation.

Electric forklifts are clean
An electric forklift with a lithium-ion battery uses zero fossil fuel, produces zero fumes and emits zero carbon emissions from its tailpipe into the atmosphere. This means a number of benefits for your staff on-site, such as:

  • Zero emissions
    Electric forklifts have no carbon emissions, resulting in a better and safer work environment. It's good for your people and good for the local environment.
  • No fumes and spill
    When filling a diesel fuel tank, there's always a risk of exposure to diesel fumes and spill. Charging an electric forklift is clean and hazard free.


Electric forklifts have better ergonomics
It's well known that exposure to vibrations can impact human health. Since the electric engine is smooth and vibration free, the driver of an electric forklift experiences a better work environment in the control cabin, and can remain fully alert for longer periods, which will improve both productivity and workplace safety.

Electric forklifts are more silent
Noise is a potential health hazard, especially long-term exposure. Not only does it damage the hearing, but it also causes fatigue, and a tired driver increases the risk of accidents in an industrial environment. Electric forklift drivers are often relieved to be able to stop wearing double hearing protection on their shifts. In addition, electric forklifts also contribute to a quieter work area, for the good of all nearby personnel.

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Electric forklifts help create a “good” workplace
Many people take great pride in their work. Being employed at a company that not only looks after their own business and people, but also considers nearby urban areas and the environment more broadly, is an important thing. So electric forklifts can improve productivity and safety, while simultaneously strengthening your company’s employer brand.

Be part of the electric future
Would you like to learn more about how your company can improve its work environment with Konecranes Lift Trucks? We invite you to read more here and learn how to power your business with electric forklifts.

Electrification comes with a long list of benefits, because our lift trucks are built for your world.


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