Forklifts with mining features

Mining operations put heavy demands on equipment. Not only is the work environment extremely demanding, with the chance of damage from dust, dirt and debris, but the goods that need to be handled can be both heavy and bulky. In day-to-day mining operations, forklifts might handle tires or move items to and from storage, but they can also be extremely useful when setting up new excavations, carrying heavy engines, gear boxes, cables and other equipment.

To speed up handling time, and minimize downtime, forklifts equipped with the right attachments can significantly improve efficiency and safety.

Efficient tire handling with forklifts

Most mining operations use a lot of tires on trucks, dumpsters and other heavy vehicles. Tires are handled when they arrive on site, and during tire and rim changing operations. The vehicles used in mining are enormous, and so their tires are as well, with a typical size being anything from 2.5 to 5 meters in diameter.

A 16-33 ton forklift, equipped with a special tire handling attachment, is ideal for lifting giant individual tires. It’s not only more efficient, but safer as well, with fall arrest arms that stop the tires in case they fall backwards.


SMV-20-1200-C Vecchiola

Customized forklifts for mining
To find the best tire handling attachments for your needs, you can check our attachment list for the mining and metals industries.

But if you have very specific requirements, we at Konecranes Lift Trucks are experts in customizing forklifts to your exact specifications, improving your functionality, safety and productivity.

For example, salt mines are a particularly corrosive environment. Forklifts operating in salt mines would benefit from extra corrosion protection for painted metal surfaces, such as the chassis and cabin, which are exposed to salt in the open air. Another option is to mount splash guards on the fenders to protect both the fuel and hydraulic tanks.

Fulfills all regulatory demands

Of course, Konecranes forklifts follow all international standards for the safe operation of machinery, and have the ISO 6055 certification necessary for overhead guards in mining operations. They can also be equipped with a Mining Kit for an even higher level of safety. The Kit includes a fire extinguisher, reflective bands all around the machine, a tire wedge, a red flag and emergency stop buttons on both sides.

To find out more about customizing forklifts for operations in the mining industry, contact us at Konecranes Lift Trucks. You can also download our list of lifting attachments here.

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