How genuine spare parts improve forklift safety

The initial cost of acquiring a forklift is one thing. But the total cost of ownership is something quite different - you have to add everything else, from the cost of energy to service and maintenance expenses. Spare parts should also be taken into account. Sometimes it can be tempting to look for cheaper alternatives to genuine OEM parts. But not all spare parts are the same, and quality is often connected to price. You have to ask yourself the question: is it worth risking safety, forklift breakdowns and voided warranties just to save a little on spare parts?

Not all spare parts are alike
Copies and third-party spare parts may look the same, and be presented as equal to genuine parts by their manufacturers, but the truth is that they rarely undergo the same rigorous quality tests as OEM parts. They may be the same shape and size, but these properties are easy to copy. The correct metal density and tolerance specifications are harder to replicate exactly. This means that a copy part might not be able to cope with as much physical stress as a genuine part designed for a specific purpose.


Boost uptime with genuine spare parts
You already know that minimizing downtime is the key to your productivity. Every instance of downtime comes at a cost, and the longer it lasts or the more frequently it occurs, the higher that cost is. Over time, cheap copy parts can often be more expensive than genuine OEM parts. But what’s worse are the consequences if a copy part does not do its job. What if a low-quality oil, air, fuel or hydraulic filter doesn’t block enough particles and this causes the engine to malfunction or break down? A small saving on that filter could never be justified by major repairs or, in the worst case scenario, fully replacing the forklift.

For some, a shorter equipment lifetime might be an acceptable side-effect of using copy parts. However, compromising safety is not. Every employee needs to know that he or she can go to work without risking their health. Copy spare parts are known for not being as well made as genuine parts, sometimes due to the fact that they are designed to fit several types of vehicles. It’s not uncommon that copy brake shoes need to be sanded down or altered to fit, which changes the original specification. If this causes a malfunction and results in an accident, with human suffering as a result, it’s a high price to pay. Safety should never be negotiable.

Use Konecranes genuine parts
When you purchase a Konecranes forklift, you get access to the full range of genuine Konecranes OEM spare parts. Using genuine parts is a good way to secure safety, maintain high performance and reduce your overall costs, all while extending the life of your machine.

Take good care of your business and your forklifts - with genuine spare parts from Konecranes.


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